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    Offering an advanced omnichannel solution for brand partners looking to further develop distribution and brand equity into key Global markets

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    With a wealth of global distributor, digital, retailer, legal, operational & agency experience, Sport Factory offers brands a custom Go To Market solution that covers all core business functions depending on size, awareness & desires to expand internationally. Brands can access all or part of our support services.


    We have extensive and proven experience building sales organisations (Distributor, Agency or Owned Subsidiary) in Sports, Outdoor & Fashion in the key markets in each region. Our network of contacts allows us to find the appropriate solution to your business strategy.

    Sport Factory has built a successful direct distribution arm that covers UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand markets - all key markets in any distribution strategy. This organisation can either work as a distributor or sales agency for any brand we work with. We recognise that as the retail landscape rapidly changes brands will wish to find the most direct route to the retailer or the consumer. We are well set up to handle this


    Now the centrepiece of any brand's distribution strategy. Sport Factory have cutting edge in-house expertise in delivering a full ecommerce solution for brands that have historically been limited to one or two markets. This includes custom web development, comprehensive digital marketing roll-out across multiple platforms and any legal, translation & graphics adjustments needed. Importantly for International markets we also have proven cost-effective solutions for Warehousing, Fulfilment and Customer Service.


    When expanding into international markets, the ability to quickly scale your brand in terms of both consumer awareness and sales are fundamental. Our in house marketing team bring significant experience at all levels of marketing execution, and will work with you to agree on a suitable strategy to deliver success. Perhaps the most important advantage of working with a small team at Sport Factory is we offer in-house Trade, Brand and Digital marketing support that can move quickly with the changing market trends.


    We work with a small number of outstanding 3PL and operational partners in EMEA & APAC. They cover systems, warehousing, fiscal representation & shipping of goods - ultimately offering a smooth supply chain either to the consumer or the retailer. This supply chain partnership is an essential part of what Sport Factory offers any brand looking to expand into International markets: a key complication often overlooked.



    We have partnered with highly experienced, market-leading legal experts in both EMEA and APAC to ensure contracts are delivered according to each brand's expectation, but also in accordance with the legal nuances that occur Regionally and Locally.


    Consistency of any brand is essential for global success - today, more than ever before. Our team has experience of taking a brand message and ensuring that it is successfully translated into any International language or market so that nothing is lost to the consumer


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    - Successfully established OOFOS as the leading Recovery Footwear brand in key markets globally 

    - We manage all Sales, Marketing & Distribution across International markets - generating significant, high quality brand growth with outstanding distributor partners

    - Delivering brand ecommerce solution for all markets

    - Directly managing eCommerce and Amazon Seller business in key EMEA markets - successfully segmenting the product line to maintain brand consistency

    - Opening & managing regional 3PL centres in EMEA and APAC regions

    - Establishing marketing platform for all International markets

    - Acting as lead distributor market for UK & Germany.

    - Manage all legal contracts with distributors & retailers in key markets

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    - We manage all Sales, Marketing & Distribution strategy & execution across International markets

    - Opening & managing regional 3PL centres in EMEA

    - Delivering brand ecommerce solution for all markets

    - Establishing marketing platform for all International markets


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    - In partnership with our sister company Sport Factory Pacific, we act as exclusive distributor for Cotopaxi in Australia and New Zealand


  • The Sport Factory Team

    We view ourselves as a team of brand custodians who thoughtfully build brands through a mix of traditional and modern strategies focused on emulating a brand’s purpose & mission. We are passionate about representing brands that align with our company values—prioritising our people, our community and the environment.

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    A Brand Building team of of hikers, bikers, runners and road warriors.

    See you out there!

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